How to Attract More Customers Online

6 Ways on How to Attract Online Customers From Your Site

Your site is the best opportunity for your business to attract online customers and convert leads into paying clients. That means your site should be optimized such that leads that land on your site will find it easy to take action. But the purpose of having a site is to send a clear message to your online customers that your business addresses a need. But there is more to just your website’s design that will make people attract and eventually buy from your site. There are methods and ways that businesses were able to utilize their website and to contribute to their success. Your next move will be to drive online customers to your site as we do for our clients.  SEO Unlimited, a Massachusetts SEO company has been serving Massachusetts-based clients, to help drive traffic to their sites using white-hat strategies which include supplying good backlinks, and high quality content among others.


1. Design Your Website So That Online Customers Don’t Leave In A Short Time.


  • Your website should be easy to navigate around. The first thing that you should consider is to make navigating through your website logical, intuitive, and easy to understand.
  • Limit your ads. As a general rule, ads shouldn’t be the first thing an online customers sees on your website.
  • You need to make sure your ads don’t turn your online customers away.
  • Good content structure: 50% of online customers leave a website immediately because they can’t find the content they were looking for. Don’t complicate your webpage by distributing content across multiple pages easily communicated on one page.
  • Do not use obtrusive videos and music: Not only are automatically playing videos make websites harder to load, forcing them on visitors will turn them off. Loud music will also make people leave your site immediately.
  • Please do not make your registration requirement turn visitors away: Forcing visitors to register before they are shown what they are looking for will turn them off. They will leave your site immediately and look somewhere else.
  • Avoid making your webpage design boring: 40% of site visitors leave without meaningful action because they find the site boring or had a bad experience.
  • Make everything readable: First, you need to make sure your colors and fonts are consistent with your logo and your brand personality.
  • Keep your site fresh with new content: Not only will fresh content make your site more interesting, but it will also contribute to higher rankings for your website on search engines.

2. Use landing pages to capture emails:


One of the most effective marketing mediums nowadays is an email campaign. Your website’s landing page is one way to attract leads through people registering on your website. But make sure your landing page is not cluttered and obtrusive.

That is, do not make your registration process present a barrier for your visitors’ to explore further into your website.


3. Use landing pages to tell your unique value proposition:


Landing pages should have a simple design that only asks basic questions to capture leads.

But it would help if you considered making your landing page not dull. Use some of the space to place your mission statement or a short statement telling what makes your product unique and that it can cater to your customer’s needs.


4. Use content targeted to your critical market section: 


The average online consumer engages in 3 to 5 pieces of content before talking to a sales rep.

Creating high quality content is a way to increase your engagement and convince visitors that your business is an authority in the industry. Informative videos, blogs, and images will enhance your business’s relatability to your target audience. A great content strategy is closer to a Q&A: you research which questions your customers are asking and then answering them in detail, thus building trust and bringing customers closer to your brand.


5. Use Testimonials, Association, and Case Studies:


The power of testimonials is in their relatability. Having real people using your product is comparatively more convincing than other forms of advertisement because a high level of trust is formed between your customers and your business. 72% of online customers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their faith in a company.


6. Engage Visitors in Real-Time: Install Live Chat and Web Push Notifications


We have to realize that speed is essential in the digital world today. Customers will prefer instant responses because email responses may take longer (at least 5 hours or more). That delay time will lose you your customers. One of the best ways to address this is by installing a live chat on your webpage. On the other hand, a Web push notification is to try to get site visitors a chance to take a second look at your site before leaving. A Web push notification can be an excellent opportunity to lay down offers.



Your website is an extension of your business. Pay proper attention to your website if you have a physical store because it can help you more lead generation and conversion than your physical assets can.

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