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Why Your Company Story is Essential for your Construction Company Branding

Forming an image for your construction company that is relatable, interesting, and dependable is crucial in building your reputation. Social proof is one of the highest factors that convert casual site visitors to be clients for local companies. Moreover, it can be a part of your content strategy for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will help your construction business rank higher in searches. Faith SEO, an Affordable SEO agency has helped build brands for local construction companies in the Massachusetts area for years. This article will discuss how building your company’s story is essential for your company’s branding and how it will help your business drive into higher levels of success.


Start with How Your Company Began

The history of your company matters a lot it is the key element, and it contributes significantly to your company’s relatability. Start with what inspired you to start your own construction company and what motivated you to go on. Then follow it up by discussing how your company picked up becoming more successful as it grew. Mention the threats that arose during your company’s life and how you overcame those. Remember, companies look back to past clients when thinking of a unique business brand idea. Your story is unique, and your humble beginnings are the foundation of your brand identity.


Your Company’s Purpose

A company’s purpose, in simple terms, is the reason why your company exists to serve your target construction marketing needs. It would help if you answered the questions: “why am I in business for?” and “how do I serve my potential clients the best way?”, “Who is my target audience?”. This is essentially your company’s mission statement and needs to be communicated consistently throughout all of your business’s marketing efforts and online marketing. If you can establish what exactly it is that makes your company unique, it will become easier for customers to perceive its value and understand why they should buy from you instead of competitors.


What are your company values?

Do your company value honesty, integrity, and commitment to customers? Do not ignore including these values in the construction content of your website. More customers often seek out companies that have values that also line up with their own personal values. If your company does not have a mission statement, it should be one of the first priorities on your to-do list!

Bona fides: Bona fides are essentially credentials and certifications. Think about all of the certifications a contractor


How Is It Like Working With You and For You?

The company culture of your company brings a tremendous amount of positivity. Not only does a company culture attract qualified employees, but it can also attract new clients. Sincerely having a human side and showing it on your website contributes to building your company’s reputation and relatability.

What should your company’s story be? The answer to this question is entirely dependent on what your business wants the world to know about your business. If you think back, however, you can probably recall a time when someone shared their own personal experience with you and it was something that really impacted you.


Show Them You Can Be Counted On In The Thing You Do Best

Businesses dealing with technical products should count on their expertise to build a brand. Building your own brand identity for construction companies has a lot to do with the expertise built over experience. Do not hesitate to mention this. You may even make a short headline mentioning what you are best at doing right on the landing page of your website. Having an article or creating content narrating an experience where your company could solve a complicated problem can be helpful.


Show Them How Your Company Is Run

Since your company values integrity and dependability, it is helpful to tell them how strong your project management structure is. Through this, you will have a recognizable brand. With a robust set of leaders, engineers, and workers, you can tackle any problems a project within the sphere of your expertise can present.

Your established brand is so much more than a logo design. It is the image your customer gets in their head when they think of your company. The logo can be a big part of that but it doesn’t have to be. To really get customers thinking about you, you need to give them an experience!


Learning from Challenges

Throughout its history, your construction company encountered challenges. It is not every day you will be able to have happy customers or satisfied customers. Success is a long process, and it helps with your relatability and dependability if you share this story with others. Remember, your experiences through failures make you strong yet humble enough to keep building a more robust company that strives to deliver your clients’ needs.


How You Can Present Your Story

There are several ways to present these seven items discussed. You don’t place all the content in one article or place all of these in one location. You can tell your company story in your “about us” section, for instance. As for your company culture, it would help if you had an internal page showing company activities. Having a blog section is helpful as this is an excellent venue for publishing content about your company’s values, success stories, and technical articles. For your expertise, we suggest writing it in prominent fonts near or at the area of your home page and landing pages above the fold.

Note that video has a high engagement rate among all advertising social media channels. Producing a video telling your company story, expertise, and company culture help establish a strong brand identity. Having a Youtube channel and social media accounts for your construction industry business are ways to gain a digital foothold.

And lastly, through experience, testimonials can convince dithering prospects to believe in your message and sign-up. Testimonials telling the public how your values, uniqueness, and proficiency have helped your customer’s needs are compelling.

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