How to Get High Quality Backlinks For Your Website From Guest Posts

Creating high quality backlinks is the number one SEO strategy for every website or SEO company in Boston. Backlinks mean having your website linked to high domain authority (DA) websites. Getting high quality backlinks is very important to get your website to rank high in all search engines.   Google recognizes websites that have links to websites with high authority. Getting high-quality backlinks is challenging, and you need to be smart to get them.

One of the most widely used strategies is by doing guest posting for high DA websites. Guest posting is when you post or log on to another website. This way, you provide your posts on another website in the form of a guest blog. Being associated with a high DA website and domains will help make you an authority within your specific niche. Having done that, not only will your website have higher SEO rankings, you can share information with a broader audience.

There are three things to keep in mind to achieve a high SEO ranking through guest blogging. One, you need to find and pitch to the right websites to post your guest blogs. Two, you need to get accepted on those websites to be able to post your guest blogs. Three, you need to write a good post or a blog with relevant content, ideally, with a link back to your site. You will need to systematize your process to get your opportunity to guest post on an appropriate website. Here are the steps to do this.

Search for High DA Websites to Guest Post In

The first thing you need to do is to search for high DA-rated websites relevant to yours. You can do this by searching on Google by using this string (intitle: “guest post”). Next is determining which of the sites have a high DA rating and has high search traffic. You can do this by using SEO (Searh Engine Optimisation) tools such as Ahrefs. Software such as Ahrefs has easy-to-use tools to sort out Domain Rating (whose value should go over 40) and search traffic (10,000 is a good number. But if you are dealing in a niche product, you may be more flexible with the search traffic volume). You can export the results and extract these into an Excel file. From here, you can select the site you can attempt to pitch to.

Pitch to the Websites You Can Guest Post In

Note that many websites do not have a “write for us” page. And cold e-mailing them may usually have a negative response, if any at all. If you can provide solid content for them, then they will most probably take your pitch. The best way to get a good yield for your pitches is to use a function in the Ahref software called “content explorer.” You can narrow down your search to your topic and input this in the title search. Then set “one article per domain” for the topic. What happens is that you will get websites that can be relevant to your traffic and can be more open to accepting a blog dealing with the subject matter. One important note, you may need to consider guest posting to a website you never linked to before. Links from the same website will have less weight than linking to a site you never linked to before.

Write a Good and Relevant Blog With, Ideally, A Link Back To Your Site

One effective way is to get relevant topics from more authoritative websites and write about them to pitch for it on other websites. Authoritative websites have many articles you can get inspiration from, making your take on the topics. Just make sure you don’t copy them. Lastly, especially for newbies, a suggested technique for writing an article is by starting with one that can apply to a range of industries and interests. Editing this to suit the website you will pitch your content to will be easier and has a low bounce rate. An important note, make sure you always contain keywords and link them back to your site.

Guest posting is powerful. Systematizing your process can allow you to scale your SEO content campaign later on.

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