5 Types of Bad Backlinks You Should Avoid and How to Remove Them

If you are a website owner who finds it challenging to drive traffic to your site, it is time you consider checking the quality of your backlinks. As the name suggests, Backlink refers to material on other websites that link to yours. The more backlinks your website has to other sites, the better your website will be indexed and ranked by search engine bots. However, if you have bad or low-quality backlinks that fail to meet Google’s webmaster guidelines, your website’s ranking will tank and might even get penalized. In that case you will need to remove bad backlinks. We at SEO Unlimited, a local SEO Company, have been serving local clients in Massachusetts SEO-wise. 

We always think about providing your site with an excellent link profile with good link exchange schemes should you select a heavy content strategy. We make sure our clients will get good conversion and attraction with online customers thru search engines by providing good content and backlinks, among other work we do for them.

Here are Signs of What Bad Backlinks are and How to Avoid Them:

We identify bad backlinks among all the links and improve your link profile. It is essential that all the links are relevant, and that is a part of our work here including disavow file work and classifying or placing nofollow links for content that could be potentially harmful to your site:

  1. Linking to a website that is not relevant to your industry
  2. Links from Link-Mill Websites
  3. Providing Comments in Discussion Forum and Blog Sites
  4. PR Release Links
  5. Link from Spam Sites

Linking to a website that is not relevant to your industry:

The first rule of thumb is that you should not throw backlinks all over the place, especially low quality links or bad links. This happens when you send backlinks to a site totally unrelated to what your website is about through your content marking strategy. If you wrote something unrelated to your business, you might receive backlinks related to THAT subject. 

What happens is that keywords irrelevant to your website are associated with your website. These low quality links will get everything muddled. Meaning, all the links taken together will not help your branding. In the end, you can’t rank based on the keywords that matter. Unless you remove bad backlinks, trying to rank through an improved link profile will take much longer than it should.

Links from Link-Mill Websites:

Someone might have offered you tons of backlinks in exchange for money. A Link-mill website might work for some time as you improve your SEO ranking because search engines will recognize your rich link profile at first. The danger here are some links given this way will be potentially toxic links or bad backlinks. However, search bots get smarter and will find this out eventually. They will consider these as bad backlinks or will consider these as spammy links. 

Moreover, it will be tough to cover and audit these bad backlinks, and some will turn out to be of bad quality, and your website will get penalized for it. To disavow links will be very challenging. Disavow links tool can help you and it is available on Google search console, but when spammy links are too many, then your site might get penalized before you will be able to get rid of all the bad links. Worse yet, some of these bad links may be considered as toxic links and it is difficult to identify bad backlinks which you didn’t select yourself.

Providing Comments in Discussion Forum and Blog sites:

Posting a comment containing a link to your website in a blog comment section, or a discussion forum, used to be a good strategy for driving traffic to your site. However, these moves are classified as spam. Google’s AI and language processing function will determine the spammy intent of your comment. All incoming links taken this way is classified as “grey hat,” and is not considered as good Search Engine Optimization practice at all.

PR Release Links: 

Releasing high-quality content to a news service to broadcast your product isn’t wrong. The problem is the strategy. It becomes a problem if you release keyword-heavy content to a site and spamming it across dozens of other newswires. Google will detect and ignore, or penalize your site.

Links from Spam Sites: 

Spam can be defined as content that is not relevant to your industry and contains products you don’t want to associate your product with. Clues to spammy sites are industries that either sell pornography, pharmaceuticals, or poker. You may want to look at the comments found in your discussion forums, and you should clear these out immediately. 

However, there are bad-quality backlinks built up over time. There are tools available, such as backlink checkers available online. However, it is best to contact professional SEO experts to help you clear these malicious links out before your site gets penalized.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks

Building up your SEO takes a long process, and it takes time. Taking shortcuts such as resorting to link-building sites or posting comments linking your site in a discussion forum will hurt the reputation of your site and will get your site penalized. One of the first tasks we do for our clients are to remove bad backlinks, toxic links, and spammy links. We also disavow links using a disavow links tool available on Google search console especially if the traffic drops. We sometimes teach clients to do this so they can do this task by themselves to remove bad backlinks even if our terms of service expire.

Being negligent about bad backlinks and not paying attention to your site’s backlinks may lead to your website being replete with malicious or bad links even if you did not deliberately make moves to resort to a low-quality link-building strategy. Link-building is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

The key to building your SEO is not much about the number of backlinks you produce. The more important consideration in your link-building process is creating high-quality backlinks. You can start this by making high-quality content. Link building should be natural across the internet to tell search engines that your website is relevant to your target market.

Professional SEO experts such as Faith SEO Unlimited want only the best for our client’s site reputation. They will work with them to clear low-quality, spammy, and bad backlinks and help build high-quality backlinks to help with their search rankings.

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