How to Start Gaining Traction for Your Construction company Website

SEO Basics for Construction Companies: How to Start Gaining Traction for Your Website

Advertising costs through traditional brick-and-mortar methods can be exhausting. In the case of construction companies that operate at a narrow margin, the expenses can be prohibitive. Many local construction companies rely on referrals or returning customers for clients, which may work for a time. But if you want to assure your business of surviving for a long time, if not grow, you will need to expand the visibility of your business.

The internet presents a massive opportunity for local businesses to gain traction for their construction company branding. Note that a majority of consumers use search engines, especially Google when looking for a product. Having a relevant presence on Google, where your website ranks high among search queries, will be very helpful for your business. Faith SEO, an SEO for construction companies, has helped local businesses gain traction for their brands. If your company aspires for growth, having an SEO strategy in this day and age is indispensable and essential.

As a local contractor, you can get results quickly by focusing on local SEO first. Note that you have lower competition than brands competing for markets nationwide. The first thing you need to have is to register into Google My Business. Fill up all the required details and constantly update these. Once you have the basic information written, your business will appear in local search queries and be visible on Google Maps. Make sure you maximize the content to make your business more engaging. Upload photos and videos of your business to make your profile more attractive. Read on for other steps you need to take to maximize the efforts of your SEO strategy.


1.  After having your Google My Business Page, have a Website.


Consider your website as your storefront on the internet. Make sure that your visitors will find it easy to navigate in it. Being a construction website, make sure you seek to give helpful information for your site visitors rather than focusing on the features of your company. Your company, after all, serves a need that your target customers seek. Make sure this is the message your website delivers, starting with your headline (or the most prominent text once people land on your website).


2. Mind the Content in Your Website


For starters, your content, especially on your home page, should contain relevant keywords that people will probably search relative to your industry. Having helpful blogs will help your website gain traction for higher ranking and gain traction thru organic site authority for your business. People, after all, visit your site, and getting helpful information can help convince your visitors that your company is an authority in your industry. If possible you can add options for other languages.


3. Thoroughness in Your Keyword Research


The mechanism of SEO relies on thorough keyword research. For one, SEO companies understand how Google’s algorithm works. Note the earlier items on having a website with relevant content. These are the springboard where you can place relevant keywords to convince Google’s search bots to rank your site higher. Don’t worry. Google only wants the best return for searchers. And for a company operating locally with low competition can be a game-changer for your business. However, there are no shortcuts in this strategy. It will take some time to show good results. In the case of companies like contractors, you may want to use buying intent keywords like “best contractor in this city,” “home renovators,” or “demolition work Boston.”


4. Website Optimization


This step attempts to convince both human visitors and Google search bots that your website is relevant. First, don’t make a cluttered website, and make sure it loads fast with the headline prominently displayed near the top of the “fold” (the fold is the part of the website which shows up once opened on a mobile device). Focus on your CTA (call to action button). Remember, the combination of the headline, CTA, and feature image or video should convey the message you want your target customers to hear. Don’t make your site visitors get lost looking for the CTA. You may add a video above the “fold” to engage your site visitors. All other content, such as social proof, discussing your products and services, and other informative data should be below the “fold.”

As for Google, the most crucial part of your web pages is the title tag. The title tag should include the right keyword sets to help in the optimization. Support the title tag with a meta description, a shortened version of the definition that helps form a snippet for Google searches. Don’t forget your service pages. These pages should include the right set of keywords so they can help your website appear in searches by using title tags and the appropriate meta description.


Developing Backlinks and Citations


Building backlinks is similar to building professional relationships. Asking your subcontractors, realtors, and suppliers to give you backlinks and vice versa will be helpful. Better yet, you can ask relevant sites with good domain authority to provide you with backlinks. There are several ways you can do this. Providing relevant content for them in the form of guest posting is one. Another one is pointing out a bad backlink from their website and politely asking to link to that.

Don’t forget citations. Citations are getting your business registered on business review sites with complete information about your business, such as NAP (name, address, and phone number).


Fetching Reviews


Fetching reviews is a powerful way to gained traction for local contractors. Social proof in the form of testimonials and positive reviews can convince dithering prospects to sign-up. Politely ask a satisfied customer to write a review for you by sending them an email with the link to review your business. High ratings given on Google’s My Business are visible in Google Maps and search.


Lastly, Quantify Your Results


There are three quick ways you can check how effective your SEO strategy is:
  1. Your webpage ranks higher during a relevant search
  2. More visitors are arriving on your site.
  3. Your business is converting more leads.
Google Analytics can provide tracking for your SEO campaigns. One of the most useful apps is the Google Search Console, which can track relevant data on your web page.


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