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Gaining a high search ranking need not be expensive or unattainable for local businesses. This can be done with an effective SEO strategy from consistent NAP, local citation, and web page optimization. We have been employing proven and time-tested techniques and methods that have helped all kinds of business services with their SEO requirements.

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Our Boston SEO company can improve the visibility of your business several times over. Your website can be optimized by utilizing map packs, snack packs, features snippets, citations, NAP consistency, local schema, long tailed keywords, pairing with the city name, “near me” terms, inclusion in city pages, among other proven techniques.

If you are a small business that seeks to gain a substantial digital footing, local SEO is the way to go. We believe that you should spend your SEO marketing budget efficiently and meaningfully. Most people do not look at paid advertisements to look for the business locally that they need. 70% to 80% of the people refer to organic searches when they look for a company, and almost all of these people ignoring ads. Be visible to these people, like the clients we served for their local SEO agencies who have gained and drive traffic in a few weeks. 

We can do the same for you. 

Website Localization

Citation Building

Fine Tune Your GMB Listing

Getting Quality Backlinks

Website Localization: Our full service digital agency will adapt your website to the local language and culture to make it more relatable to your local market. Your business, after all, is all about serving your local market, and we will help you reach them. We cover everything from images, content, and overall design to adapt to local preferences while maintaining all the good points your website has. We have a long track record for achieving improved traffic and engagement for local websites for clients in different parts of the world. Our staff have vast experience in marketing, lead generation, research, and have been engaging a wide range of customers from all over the world over the decades. Our local SEO agency understands the culture, language, and preferences in a wide range of markets enables us to do this consistently. 

Citation Building: We will boost your website’s credibility with Google and increase your search ranking by accruing mentions of your business across the web on websites and local directories. We have served clients and their Boston SEO needs and companies in other cities in different parts of the world through this method as a first step in expanding their digital footprint and growing their businesses. Not only do we understand how to make your company credible to Google’s algorithms, we seek to gain your company’s credibility within your industry and to your clients as well.

Fine Tune Your GMB Listing: With over 87% of people using their smartphones at least once a say and 86% of people looking at Google Maps to look up a business, fine tuning your GMB listing is a service that is essential to gain traction in your local market effectively. Fine-tuning your GMB listing will help push your business at the top of local searches. Imagine the possibilities, especially when 80% of location-based searches end with a store purchase that they find in their searches.

Getting Quality Backlinks: Getting high-quality backlinks is one of our white hat strategies that have helped most of our digital marketing clients gain higher reputations on Google. With links to higher-authority sites through guest postings, broken link building, and internal linking, among others, our clients have achieved more visible searchability that led to higher sales. It is not just all about being first in searches. Though ranking first in search engines is the primary objective in adopting an SEO strategy, this strategy also aims at gaining a strong credibility for your business. Just imagine being mentioned in the same breath as World Class companies? That is something you can’t ignore.  

Our Boston SEO Services & Packages

Faith SEO Unlimited, a local SEO Boston company, offers affordable, low-rate SEO services from small-town to large cities to our clients. Our online digital marketing solutions have been proven effective and have gained huge increases in sales for our clients.


Small to Medium Size Towns or Cities
$ 1500 One-time Setup (1st Month)
  • 10-15 Keywords
  • Local & Map Pack Results
  • Organic Traffic Increase
  • Achieve Positions 1-10 in little as 6-9 months
  • Strong Trustworthy Backlinks (High DA/PA/TF)
  • Monthly Reports – Full Transparency of Position Tracking


Large Cities & Surrounding Suburban Areas
$ 2000 One-time Setup (1st Month)
  • 10-15 Keywords
  • Local & Map Pack Results
  • Organic Traffic Increase
  • Achieve Positions 1-10 in little as 6-9 months
  • Strong Trustworthy Backlinks (High DA/PA/TF)
  • Monthly Reports – Full Transparency of Position Tracking


National Campaign in The United States
$ 2500 One-time Setup (1st Month)
  • Call us for a customized quote

Local SEO Boston Company

Why Finding A Local SEO Boston Company For Your Business is Essential

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, a meaningful and effective SEO strategy is essential for your business. With all the advantages offered by today’s technology, most people are using their mobile devices all the time to seek things they need. Especially when they look for a local business that can cater to their needs. Just imagine how you can get a big piece of the pie from these markets:



72% of customers searching for local will visit the store within five miles from where they are.


Of all the 3.5 billion daily Google searches, around half of them are local searches.


Ranking first is crucial. 30% of clicks belong to the first five businesses that come up on searches. 


Sites that come up after sixth place just get 2%. And that is just on the first page of the results.


67% of customers prefer businesses that have websites that contain content appealing to their local preferences.


86% refer to Google Maps when they look up a small businesses.

With these numbers, all local business services must gain a high ranking in searches. Nowadays, just having a website and social media marketing content is not enough, and what you need are the digital marketing services that our Boston based digital marketing agency offers. 

If your business is in retail, construction, demolition work, child care, healthcare, up to software development, serving in various parts of the world, we can deliver the services you need. With our well-traveled and experienced staff who have vast experience in SEO, digital marketing services, and lead generation for many businesses, we ensure that we know our clients’ needs, we understand their markets, we can speak their market’s language and understand what their markets are looking for.

Starting from clients seeking digital marketing agency in Boston area visibility, we seek to deliver the same effective results. No matter what business you are in, however, the size of your company, we will make sure you expand your digital footprint into a growing market that uses the internet to seek the services you offer. And, we will do this without harming your site’s reputation. We care about our clients and our clients’ relationship with their customers. Our SEO strategies are a GAME CHANGER for your business

Don’t wait to be left behind.

We will be with you on each step of the way, from building your GMB profile, optimizing your website content, creating credible backlinks, and other white hat strategies only World-Class companies can afford. No wonder our clients from our full service digital agency have referred us. We deliver them to you in an affordable package. Because we care for our client’s business, we will make sure that you learn the process to maintain the considerable increase in the digital footprint we help bring about. We make sure our clients’ budgets are used efficiently and meaningfully all the time.