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How Much is SEO Worth in Boston, MA?

Among all digital marketing services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly profitable and can give you long-term sustainable returns. However, you need to understand that it takes time to reap the benefits of SEO. Does SEO really work? Is hiring SEO agencies worth it? Is hiring a local SEO company help for my specific needs?

Our Boston SEO Company has helped boost the business profiles of Massachusetts-based construction companies for almost a decade now through our SEO strategies. Though the results aren’t immediate, their business goals of getting leads, conversions, and sales were ultimately met. Best of all, they don’t need to spend many months after initiating their SEO strategy.

FaithSEO is more than just a digital marketing agency that provides basic SEO services for our clients. We make sure that our clients are aware of the benefits our services provide. We give rely only on white-hat SEO strategies to ensure that our clients’ websites have strong site authority and that their website traffic only comes from relevant searches that ultimately help their business goals.

In this article, we will be discussing how much SEO marketing costs, and if your current digital marketing strategy reliant on SEO is worth it.

The Cost of SEO Services in Boston

The cost of SEO varies on the location of the SEO agency and what types of services you wish to get from them. For enterprises that seek to rank thousands of web pages on search engines, then the entire package which may contain web design, content marketing strategy, link building, and others, then the SEO costs can drive up to $10,000 a month. However, for small businesses who seek to gain traction on local search results, then the price will be much lower.

According to Ahrefs, the average SEO plan costs $2819 a month.

As for US digital marketing services, the costs range from $2,500 a month to $10,000 a month depending on the services. That would mean around $100 to $250 an hour.

A typical overseas SEO company may charge around $10 to $50 an hour.

SEO pricing is usually lower for local SEO. But an SEO local company that knows the specific market niche and local market conditions can bring immediate benefits with the right strategy.

SEO Pricing Models

SEO companies will usually offer monthly or annual packages that are based on monthly activities with set goals. These packages include a number of services such as the number of articles written, pages optimized, and backlinks created.

A full-service digital agency may include some features in your SEO package such as web development, social media marketing, PPC management, and other commercial marketing products aside from search engine marketing that can drive the prices higher. However, if you are a Fortune 500 company, then you may consider these packages.

Our Boston SEO services that worked are customized. Though we start off with a monthly fixed package, we will work closely with your company to achieve the best possible results for your business. As reflected by our client list, what will work in whichever part of the world you are in.

What Affects SEO Costs?


  • Does Your SEO Have The Skill Set and Expertise?

An internet marketing agency specializing in SEO can charge more if they have proven capabilities to deliver results. The more organic traffic they drive to your site, then the substantial charge, even if it means being pricey, will be worth it.

  • Where is Your SEO Agency Located?

Though we are a Boston SEO company, most of our staff are located elsewhere where our operations expenses are more affordable. This helps keep our costs down without compromising the quality we provide with companies in Boston and other worldwide clients.

  • How Competent Are They In Your Target Audience Language?

Unlike overseas companies, we have decades of combined SEO experience catering to US and worldwide clients in a broad variety of businesses. Our Boston SEO experts have a solid knowledge of what your market understands build from our construction-based background.

  • Are They Experts In Marketing For Your Niche?

FaithSEO has proven capabilities for boosting the digital presence of construction companies in Boston. Like top SEO companies, our ROI is much higher than other digital marketing campaigns such as social media marketing or PPC.

Is SEO Worth It?

The purpose of an SEO company is to help you realize your basic business goals of gaining leads, conversions, and sales by gaining visibility for you on search engines. With 5 billion organic searches happening daily, positioning well above your competitors has the most potential among other online marketing methods.

Even for small businesses, you can start with a local SEO strategy. These search engine optimization services focus on local searches. With about 18 percent of local searches leading to sales compared to just 7% for non-local searches, small businesses can gain traction from potential customers by being visible on local searches, with 4 out of every five surveyed using search engines to conduct local searches.

For larger companies, you may look at your return on investment. If you spend $3,000 a month on SEO, which increases $25,000 a month in revenues at a 15% profit margin, you will be into the green by $750 a month. Note that the impact of SEO goes well beyond the time the service ends.

Is SEO worth it? YES! Among other digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization can bring a higher ROI in the longer term. In the case of local searches, the impact can be felt even sooner.

Why Choose FaithSEO?

Search engine optimization services are worth it regardless of your company’s size and complexity. FaithSEO, among other Boston SEO agencies, will ask you first to consider the following tips on how to choose the best SEO company for your business:

Do they have proven results?

You can ask them for examples of companies they could help. If they can’t give you examples, they might not help you with yours.

Check how they were able to serve previous clients:

Social proof is an important way of guaranteeing that you will have the same results as you need. Testimonials or checking with previous clients yourself can help you make a solid choice for a digital marketing agency or an SEO company if you have the means.

Book a consultation:

You may talk to the staff and technical experts in the SEO company you are looking at. An SEO company can give you an idea if they know what they are talking about or what you specifically need.

Avoid black-hat SEO strategies:

Black-hard strategies are counterproductive. Google will penalize your website if you resort to unfair practices. The actual results come from gaining more traffic through honest organic search results rather than just pure cold numbers these black-hat strategies can give you. Ensure that the SEO company you are talking with does not engage in this strategy.

FaithSEO ticks all the boxes! Our SEO services can cater to all your business needs and gain traction through ranking high on organic searches for your specific niche. We don’t offer packages blindly. FaithSEO will coordinate closely with you because we want our actions to contribute meaningful results for your business every single time. This makes our SEO services worth it.


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