How to Promote Your Website – 9 Proven Ways of Promotion Tactics in a ShoeString Budget

When was the last time someone shared your product and services pages? Better yet, when was the last time that your “get a quote” or “contact page” went viral? The truth is that website promotion doesn’t work that way.

And if all you’re focusing on is promoting things like sales pages, you will likely fall behind.

So how do you promote your website?

You’re about to learn 9 proven ways to do it on a shoestring budget:

  1. Forum Commenting
  2. Untapped Paid Ads Media Sources
  3. Guest Blogging
  4. Free Press Release
  5. Become a Source for PR Releases
  6. Use Social Groups
  7. Create a Free Resource or Tool 
  8. Create Snippets
  9. Repurpose Your Content

Our SEO company Philippines team has ton of material to cover today, and the most important thing is that you get results. But theres something you need to understand about these strategies before our local SEO agency team will teach them.

Website or business promotion in the present day doesn’t work like it used to 10 -20 years ago. Before, people would sift through newspapers, send direct email, and then they sit there and crossed their fingers and hope that someone would be in the market for whatever it is that they’re selling.

Bu the internet has flipped the world upside down and made one of the world’s greatest resources accessible to everyone for free.

Think about it, people look for reviews before they buy them. And I bet that there are even times when you’re in store and looking for reviews before you buy something. Or you might even be comparing prices to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. So as marketers, we need to adapt and respond to the need for quality ad reliable information.

So these website promotional tactics that you’re about to learn cater to how consumers respond today. So let’s dive right into our website promotion hacks.

Forum Commenting

The first way to promote your website is one of my favorites, and that’s to take a data-driven approach to forum commenting. Here’s the thing, blindly answering every question in your niche on forums like Quora or Reddit. Used ahrefs or semrush SEO tools to do keyword research for certain questions. This way there is a potential drive for traffic back to your website.

Untapped Paid Ads Media Sources

The next promotion tactics is to dip into untapped paid media sources, so that automatically excludes Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Now, don’t get me wrong, both of these Ads platforms are amazing and effective, and can produce insane ROI for your business.

But in general, ads networks work as auctions. So as more people flock to these networks, the prices for Ads skyrocket. But there are less popular places to advertise for cheap. The one ad platform that I’ve been raving about over the past two years is Pinterest Ads.

Pinterest is well known for the quality of traffic they send to websites. And its definitely one that I encourage you to explore if your target audience is using it. Other Untapped paid ads networks that you may used and explore are outbrain, taboola, and Yahoo Gemini.

Guest Blogging

The next promotional tactics is to do guest blog. Now, I know that guest blogging can be hit or miss since not everyone has a “Write for us” page asking people for guest posts. So I want to share two surefire ways to find websites that you can approach, confidently knowing that they except guest posts.

First, is to Google a query like, “guest post by” intitled: (your topic).

And you’ll find some very relevant websites that are clearly accepting guest posts. Now if you used Ahrefs, then you can use SEO toolbar by enabling the Chrome or Firefox extension. And right away, you’ll be able to see the SEO metrics like Domain Rating and Search traffic, so you can see how much Google traffic the websites get on a domain level.

Thay way, you’ll know whether writing for these sites are worth your time, or if it’s opportunity you should skip. So now you can pitch the website owners, knowing that they accept guest posts, even though they may not have a “Write for us” page.

Free Press Release from Journalists using HARO

The next promotional tactics is to get free press from journalist using HARO. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. Their platform allows journalists to find sources, and for sources to find journalists.

After you sign up for an account, you’ll get email notifications with tons of results that needed an article. You just need to skim through the results and if something catches your eye, then you can read the full description.

For example, you find out a journalists wants some tips on maintaining a balance between your personal and business lives. And he/she also made it a requirement that you should be a small business owner or employee. IF you fit the criteria, then click on the email link, write a short and sweet pitch that provides unique insights and fulfills all requirements that they’re looking for. And if they like your answer, you should get an email from them assuring that they will include a high-quality backlink to your site.

Become a Source for PR releases

Let’s stay on the topic of PR with the next promotional tactics, and that’s to become a source for journalists on any publication you want. HARO is awesome to get emails directly from journalists in your inbox, but the requests that come through can be hit or miss.

Using Google Alerts, you can expand your search to only specific topics from publications that you want to be featured in. Lets say you are an expert in home improvement and home building and you want to be a source for journalist on Architectural Digest or Boston magazine posts. So you can create an alert on Google Alerts like this.

Just type “( OR site: intitle:home improvement”

What this query does is it tells Google to send you an alert anytime the Architectural Digest or Boston Magazine writes an article where the titles has the word “home improvement” on it.

Now, when you get an alert that matches your criteria, you can skim through the article and look for a place where you can add more value. From there, you can contact the author, introduce yourself with your qualifications, and offer your expertise for that article or for any future articles that they might write on that topic.

Use Social Groups

The next website promotional tactics is to use social groups and Im not just talking about Facebook. Facebook groups are great and effective and there’s a group for virtually any topic under the sun. But group owners and moderators are very well aware that people will often join their group just to promote their website, product or service.

But you want to know another group that actually encourages posting links to your blog? That is Pinterest. Pinterest group boards are essentially collaborations where a group of people share links, images, and videos on a specific topic.

You can find Pinterest group boards by going to Sign up and search for your topic. After you search for your specific topic, you can see bunch of group boards that would be worth reaching out to along with the number of followers and how often content gets repinned.

Create a Free Resource or Tool

The next website promotional tactics is to create a free resource or tool and promote the heck out of it. Knowledge is power. And if you can make attaining knowledge easier, then all the power to you. So here are few ideas of what you can create.

First is to do video course on a topic. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should provide value. So for example, if I wanted to show people how to create videos for Youtube, then I might make 3 videos – one that talks about equipment and setup, another on choosing topics, and one on video marketing or youtube SEO.

Create Snippets

Another website promotional tactics you can create is to take snippets of your articles to increase social sharing. If you look at one of our blog posts ideas, you’ll see that it has few lists on how to get Facebook Attention. In fact, this post is over 2000 words, so the percentage of people who read the entire article will be slim to none.

So all you need to do is splice each tip into short snippet and you now have 2 or 3 things to share on your social media networks. Turn each tip into an image, and you now have few things you can share on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Repurpose your Content

Last website promotional tactics that I know is to repurpose your blog content and turn a blog post into video and post it on to your Social Media. You might also turn a blog post into slideshare presentation, infographic, video or if you didn’t start with a blog post, reverse your video content it into one.

These are some website promotional tactics that our affordable SEO Company in Massachusetts is working right now and some we’re still testing. Now make sure you follow our local SEO Boston based articles so that you can get updates on SEO and marketing strategies that are working and effective today.

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