7 Ways of Content Marketing Strategy for Your Construction Company in 2021

Why Construction Companies Need Local SEO

Most construction companies in North America rely on referrals and word-of-mouth to gain clients. Many companies have listings on the yellow pages or rely on print media for advertising. In most cases, this kind of visibility and traction will just be enough for a small business to continue its existence. To aspire for growth, construction companies should engage in digital marketing. The first crucial step is to establish good local SEO. Local SEO is impossible to underestimate or undersell. The majority of consumers search for a local business online regularly. When 97% of people search for local businesses online, a company like yours has to gain a significant presence on Google. FaithSEO, an SEO for construction companies, has been helping Massachusetts-based construction companies gain traction with local and national clients.


  1.  The Internet is the New Yellow Pages

Among business review websites that help gained traction for listed businesses, Yelp.com, Business.com, and Angie’s List are the new Yellow Pages contractors should look into. Getting credibility is vital for general contractors to attract clients, and getting listed or registered on these sites can significantly help local SEO.


  1. Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site

As a business owner, you are aware of how much marketing costs are. As a rule of thumb, it is commonly 5% of the gross revenue. Engaging in traditional media like television slots and radio mentions can get much higher. No wonder we rarely see construction companies advertise on national TV.

The advantage of SEO is, unlike traditional media or other digital marketing methods, it doesn’t cost as much compared to the return on investment your business can yield. However, SEO is a process, and for quick results, many elements have to work in concert.


  1. You can get quick results.

The main advantage of getting local SEO help is the visibility you can gain within a few weeks. Local SEO is a weapon for local construction companies to gain more traction than big construction companies trying to rank better on Google. Since your market is local, you will have lower competition. The essential elements you need to have in your website are relevant keywords. For example, these keywords could read like “construction company near me,” “best contractor for road works,” “demolition company in my state.” With experience and close support with your SEO, you can get to the top of Google search sooner.

How to Achieve These? Here is a Quick Guide on How to Gain Local SEO


Note the objective of gaining local SEO is to conquer local opportunities. Here below is a checklist of the elements your company needs to have to start local SEO.


Get a website

Your website is your store-front in the internet age. A website is a launchpad where you can show that you are the company that can deliver the promise to your target customers.

Website content

Be mindful of the keywords in your content. Ignoring the content will not help with your SEO or ranking status. Note that human beings will land on your site, so do not make it cluttered and uninteresting.

Relevant Keywords

The science of SEO relies on getting the keywords that Google bots understand. Note that the algorithms work by providing searchers with the more information. That is, a thorough understanding of how your market thinks when they search on Google is key.

Website optimization

You need to be mindful of the title tag and descriptions from the title page to the construction management services page. Google search bots look at these snippets when responding to search queries.

Another element in all of your web pages is the clarity of the content. The call to action should be clear and your website easy to navigate.

Developing Backlinks and Citations

Developing backlinks is a significant SEO activity to gain your website further traction and authority. Credible sites can provide backlinks with good domain authority. Citations, on the other hand, are getting registered on high-authority sites.

Getting helpful reviews

Ask your customers to give you reviews if they are satisfied with your construction projects service. Note that social proof provided by glowing reviews can sway many among your “cold” audience.

Quantifying Results

It is helpful that you know if your SEO campaigns work. Getting access to tracking your website traffic is one, and Google Analytics provides many tracking tools to help you see how effective your SEO campaigns are. But the best sign that your SEO has been effective is your conversions.


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